Thursday, July 5


Ways to keep your sanity and temper and keep your child amused and cheerful at teatimes*


Both offered favourite yoghurt and also selection of finger foods were declined and lobbed over the side in manner of drunk vandal. Milk was fussed about and frustration was rising as time dragged on. Poor Toby-dog on Abney and Teale was getting very ignored.

Cue impromptu messy play.

Add some mixed spice for a nice smell and some pink sugar for texture

Chuck in some mini marshmallows and macaroni for good luck. Hell, why not add an owl shaped stale biscuit. It's not going to get eaten!

Thank goodness. Is that...can it be....just

*not foolproof in the slightest

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  1. That is great. I need to let Jack play more with his food and get dirty!