Tuesday, July 3

A Beautiful Adventure

Today, I am counting as the first "proper" day of donning the SAHM mantle. Yesterday, I was very poorly myself and so good old CBeebies took over all proactive parenting (although I, not CBeebies did lock the toilet door as I don't think Mr Bloom's arms are long enough to fish an inquisitive toddler from hanging over the toilet). I did also manage to feed her the main meals (milk, Quavers, milk, milk, breadstick, milk) and by the afternoon even read a story and make some soup.

Thankfully, this morning I felt refreshed and though was very sluggish to get moving, finally managed to get us both dressed and find some energy from somewhere (I think it was hiding beside the teabags). After epic proportions of faffing, I decided to drop us in the deep end of doing "activities". Partly, if I had to read another 'That's Not My....' book then I might have screamed. I love that my daughter loves books, I really do. However, I slightly loose some enthusiasm after the 26th story in a row before 10am. I suspect that is what Parent and Toddler groups are for-I had intended to be up and out bright and early to attend one nearby me which we have been to before and isn't too intimidating, but noticed that Wriggles is still covered in a viral rash as this wretched infection works it way out of her. She is much more herself today and I am certain it is clearing and unlikely to be contagious, but I can just imagine what another eagle-eyed parent might make of her spotty arms!

So out come the paints.

I think we both surprised ourselves with the fun. I was a little apprehensive as Wriggles has been really funny about textures and some sensory stimulus before, but she got stuck in pretty quickly. As well as decorating a big sheet of paper, she has kindly also applied to artistry to the fridge, the floor, a fridge magnet and my bin. Serves me right for underestimating the wriggliness of a Wriggles with painty hands! 

The postman dropped off a leaving card from work, which brought a little tear to my eye. Just a little one. Amongst some wonderful messages ("here's to all the dancer's knickers you washed", "thanks for never saying no and mucking in") was a little message:

"Hope you and Wriggles find a beautiful adventure together that makes you both very happy."

I suspect that whilst my version of a beautiful adventure and my ex-boss's interpretation may be worlds apart, but the sentiment and the words made me came over quite emotional. As I reflected on it, taking a sleepy Wriggles to her cot for a nap, I realised I had my beautiful adventure right there. Being a parent has it's downs as well as ups, and sometimes the never ending trail of washing, snotty noses and guilt, always the guilt, seems to go on forever but I think none of us would have it any other way. The last year and a bit has been a bit of trial trying to juggle single parenthood, medical appointments, depression and working and I am now so looking forward to some special time with the wonderful little person that brought this all about. The little person that makes me smile like there is no sadness, laugh like a loon and dance like no one is watching (builders, I'm sorry you had to see that).

So, here is to some much-needed time as a stay-at-home-mum. The next chapter of my, our, adventure.


  1. What a cutie! Hope you are feeling better. She has done an excellent job, it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Those are beautiful photos! That last one in particular, I would buy as art and hang it on the wall of a playroom. You have a gift!

  3. Happy SAHMness!!! Hope you are having lots of fun! Love the photos! I want to join in! x

  4. That looks like one of the best painting sessions ever!! Here's to adventures! X