Friday, July 20


After being admonished for my messy flat this week, I have tried to be a little more organised.

I will admit, being a mother does not always come naturally to me, especially when my buttons are pushed and I have to juggle a million proverbial balls in the air, but what does come naturally to me is a double-sided-sticky-tape-Blue Peter-ethos.

So here is some I made earlier:

1. Take some empty boxes (I used Pampers nappy boxes; any will do to house your junk)

2. Find jolly wrapping paper, wallpaper offcuts, old maps or similar

3. Locate double sided sticky tape. The decorating stuff from DIY shops is a million times cheaper than the fancy-pants type from art and stationary shops.

4. Cover box is sticky tape

5. Stick on jolly paper

6. Fill with junk that is currently on the carpet

7. Make nosey old bats who look through your window both amazed, and jealous


  1. great idea! We currently have a pampers box full of books so may decorate it!

  2. They look really pretty, what a great idea to use up old boxes AND tidy the clutter. I may have to borrow this one!

  3. Great idea Amy mouse! More posts sharing your arty wisdom please!! :D