Wednesday, January 25

Click! Learning how to take pictures

This rather sums up my "photography resolution" for the year ahead. I have been taking more photographs over the last few months, partly as batteries were on a super-save offer so I actually have spares in the house and partly as I am keenly aware my baby is growing up fast and soon I will have a boisterous child rather than gurgly infant, and only a handful of memories of that first year and a bit which is so precious. It's funny how in the newborn period you wander round as a sleep deprived zombie cursing the days for not going fast enough and 6 months later you mourn the fact that your floppy baffled person is far more person and the baffled one is now you. I took few photographs in the early days in hospital and now regret that. It was painful at the time and still hurts to look back on, but it was still her life and to adopt a talk-show-host-ism "our journey".

So, I want evidence of all the time we spend together. 
Also it will be quite funny when her first boyfriend comes round.

1. Locate manual for camera. Failing that, try to deduce what all the fancypants settings actually mean or failing even that (likely) work out when the flash is needed and when it is not. Likewise when to angle the shot so it is not almost entirely consumed my rare moments of sun streaming in (see above)

2. Try to remove immense quantity of mess from shot

3. Don't let baby too near camera: she will attempt to chew it

4. Lure friends round to operate camera and/or work out the 'timer' setting. There are very very few pictures of Wriggles with me which I find sad as I spend every day with her. I want a physical memory of that for both of us to look back on.

Despite the fact the above photograph is technically dreadful, I quite like it.  Apart from the fact you can't tell I have food on my top, haven't quite brushed my hair and Wriggles has a slightly snotty nose, we appear to have seamlessly blended into one. Awwww....

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