Tuesday, January 31

Good Riddance

Hurrah, January is nearly out the way!

I am not wishing life away, but I have no fondness whatsoever for January.
It is long.
It is cold.
It has normally sold out of Christmas selection boxes.
It is normally the season for the binmen to go on holiday meaning the rubbish is overflowing.
It needs at least two pairs of socks, most of which are missing, presumed eaten by the Hoover.
It is stripped of cheering sparkly tinsel, lest it bring you Bad Luck.
It is time to embrace the thermal vest, which could frankly could be anywhere in the flat.
It is very hard to persuade a strong-minded 1 year old to go out of the nice warm living room to the cold outside so that mummy can please buy some milk to have a cup of coffee.
It is full of sneezy noses.
It makes me wish I had shares in Kleenex.
Although actually, so far, Wriggles nor me have had a truly disgusting sniffle. Mild yes. Enough to hide under the blankets and watch CBeebies and read books all day, but nothing too vile (and I would like to keep it that way, please).

January is also slap bang in the middle of RSV season. Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or bronchiolitus as we are more familiar with, is bad news to most parents but strikes a gloom into the hearts of parents of premature, vulnerable and immunodeficient children. The risks are much more potent and the potential for complications is more acute. Every snuffle sets me on High Alert, and I know I am not alone. Because of this, Wriggles receives 'shots' to protect against this, in addition to the flu jab and winter-long antibiotics to see off any nasties. Today we had the last immunisation for the winter, which should be effective until the beginning of March where the blasted virus tails off it's dastardly work. Not only am I relieved to have gotten this over, I am also glad that it is one less trip to Outpatients to contend with, and one less activity involving the pour soul being stabbed with a needle. Hooray!

Long live February (nauseating Valentines Day notwithstanding)!


  1. Ouch, that sounds nasty. I find it bad enough with my supposedly healthy term children, which are now all suffering ear infections and colds. The daily line up for calpol and penicillin is getting a not so nice habit.... hope you will all get through safely!

  2. I'm the same. So please to have got through January.
    It must be so hard having all those jabs. Just the usual set is bad enough. I suppose it's worth it to not get I'll.

  3. Thanks for linking up and lots of tea and virtual sympathy for you.