Tuesday, January 3

Ready, Steady.....nearly...almost...get set....hold on a minute....

Wriggles is at the stage of development where she is teetering on the edge of many things. She is on the right track for many things but Not Quite There Yet. I am amazed at babies who seem to develop new things overnight without so much as previously hinting that they ever felt an inclination to bash boxes together or starting clinging on the sofa for dear life. Every milestone of Wriggles' is a proud moment that is the culmination of months and months of frustration and practise. She is ALMOST at the crawling stage, NEARLY using two hands together, GETTING THERE at the idea of being able to sit up from lying down, GEARING UP for speech...ish... Sometimes waiting feels forever as others move on quicker and sometimes it feels as if it all goes so quickly that each day is a bonus as my baby is very quickly turning into a not-so-baby anymore.

She is roughly 16 months old now, nearly 13 months corrected. She can now sit unaided, bash things together, blow raspberries, 'say' "mamammamama" "bababbabba" "gggagguuuu" and "llllllllllllllllalllaallaoooloooo" though none with meaning, wave at her reflection, kiss her reflection, blow kisses/do a fish impersonation (it is questionable), roll over from back to front, get up from front onto all fours and then get stuck and to be able to reach out to all inappropriate objects she cannot have. It is uncanny that babies are willing to go on intrepid adventures to try and nibble to plug cable but will not shift for a Proper Educational Toy.... We're still a bit at the stuck beetle stage of mobility but she is very good with a wooden spoon and a toy xylophone and cardboard box.

Today we had a really positive physiotherapy appointment. When discharged from SCBU, we automatically got physio as Wriggles had bad torticollis (sqwiffy neck) and pronounced plagiocephaly (shorn off head). As she was also born under 28 weeks and had a negligible history, it was also advised to keep up the physio once the torticollis sorted itself out. This turned out to be rather good as it was about then that the Great Hospital Obsession started. Shortly after PICU, Wriggles appeared to have forgotten her left side existed, rather worrying both me and the physio. Typically by the time we saw a paediatrician she had remembered and luckily has kept remembering. We have been very lucky in that the two community physios we have had have been wonderful and a credit to the NHS. They have easily been some of the most supportive and helpful health care professionals I have met and are willing to go above and beyond, and have helped me chase up referrals and access opportunities. Just prior to Christmas we had a developmental assessment with the paediatrics team which was so-so; it was nothing I didn't know, notably that all her skill areas carry a 'lag' (2-3 months behind average age of mastering a skill, but showing signs of getting there), her gross motor skills are 'delayed' (a more noticeable delay that may need attention) but cognitively and socially she is a bright button with brilliant hearing and sight. All in all, considering prematurity, a cardiac arrest and the ten or so admissions over the year, they were pretty pleased. At the next assessment, if her gross motor skills are not looking vastly improved they will arrange an MRI to determine if there is any long-lasting damage in the brain that may have occurred since the last brain scan carried out at 6 weeks actual. And I thought we had kicked the hospital! 

Watching my little girl grapple with a large inflatable toy today, I was astounded again by how much she has come on. Both at birth and after PICU, both the doctors and myself did not know what to expect. "No promises" they said. "We can't tell you she will be fine". Sometimes wait and see seems a horrid deadline of worry and anguish, but on days like today, there is no wait and see, just my baby and me. She seems relatively and miraculously unscathed. Albeit with a 'lag' and some 'delay' but I have no doubt she will catch up in time, just maybe not as fast as hoped. And on her terms-she is certainly a stubborn personality who knows her mind.
I think in the mean time I had better start baby-proofing the flat in earnest!

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  1. Sounds like she's doing amazingly well after a tricky start in life. Must be a little fighter.
    Look forward to seeing your photo project.