Wednesday, January 18

My Letter

Dear Me,

It's ok to have a bad day everyone-everyone else does.
It's ok not to be perfect. Who have you met that is? Brilliant, yes. Perfect, no. Your mum was not perfect. Your nanny was not perfect. So why do you have to be?
A good family is not always two parents. It is a loving household.
A good home is not a big house (by the way, you will not live in a council flat forever)
Few people want to go to work.
Everyone has a tough time sometimes.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

You live in a happy house. 
You have a happy and contented and clever baby.
So you must be doing something right. That means that you can relax.

Love from,

Your more rational brain 


1 comment:

  1. Dear rational brain,
    Please excuse your owner, not just for being down but for being down about being down! Please see to it that she understands that she has had a very difficult time and therefore has your permission
    to feel anything she wants to feel. Please help her to understand that she is an amazing, clever, funny and strong person and therefore totally allowed to have as many bad days as she likes!