Thursday, April 19


This is a picture I took 
recently of my napping daughter,
 who likes to sleep on her front with her knees 
pulled up underneath her and her bottom stuck in the air. Lord knows how it is comfortable, (I tried out of intruige) but it is how I find her most times at morning or afternoon. It's not the best photo in the world but I love the peace and the stillness. There is little more pure or innocent than sleeping babies and now my baby is very much on the move, she barely sits still for a minute. But at naptimes and bedtimes I carry her to her cot with her little arms looped around my neck and listen to her snuffle softly and the world feels Just Right.


  1. Aw how lovely- my daughter also sleeps with her bum in the air, it is adorable. I agree with you how the world just feels right- there is nothing better than a baby cuddle. Thanks for joining in and it is lovely to see your picture. xx

  2. Aaaahhhhhhhh Adam has recently started sleeping this way too. I call it his Muslim prayer position! :-)