Saturday, April 28

A Week

A week can make such a difference.

In a week we have:
  • been to a new toddler group and intend to go back (!)
  • been for lunch with some mummies. I did have to slightly wrestle Wriggles from cheerfully breaking the china by forcefully banging the plates with a spoon, but aside from that it was very pleasant.
  • when bumping into a mum we sort of know, rather than make excuses and scuttle away panicking, we stayed and played and chatted for over an hour.
  • Wriggles has gone from wobbly pulling to stand to being able to take a few steps sideways. She can go forwards sort of, but due to her tight muscles, her feet flinch upwards in a more climbing motion.
  • Likewise, she has learnt that then letting go and launching herself backwards = a bumped back of head
  • Wriggles can make a tower of 6 stacking cups. Hooray for Poundland!
  • Wriggles can effectively turn the television on and off. She can also put on sunglasses (upside down) and has learnt that thrusting them up my nose is code for "Mummy!! Put these on so I can take them off again!!!! Now"
  • I made a cake and didn't burn it. It even tasted yummy. Tip: translate 1 tsp of cinnamon for several Tbsp of allspice.
Boast over! 


  1. Sounds like you have had an amazing week! Love the blog :)

  2. gosh you have every right to boast sounds like you've achieved so much in a week well done you!