Thursday, May 31


Dear Bloggy, this last fortnight I have been feeling out of sorts. Not down exactly, just unsettled. I can't put my finger on it: nothing is wrong, and actually I've had some pretty lovely days sitting in the park with the Wriggly one. I've even been unusually social and made an effort with mum and baby friends and been rewarded with fantastic afternoons, company and birthday invitations. I'm finally feeling less of a fraud and more of one of the gang. So what is it? Maybe it's the impending knowledge my job is coming to an end and I've got to fix up and suddenly be a full-time mum on *whispers* benefits. Maybe it's that change is all around, and not always happily. Maybe that time has suddenly flown and somehow I've got a toddler who won't go to bed properly and likes ferreting in the bin. Maybe it's because I am dreadful at religiously taking my anti-depressants. Maybe I shouldn't torture myself watching programmes like Great Ormond Street and reading Call the Midwife, because some of the content is a little too close to home, however interesting it may be. Maybe it's that old favourite hormones. Maybe it Just Is. 
Anyway, while I try and scrape my brain back into my head, here is some of what we have been up to:

How much can I pull off the bookshelf and fling everywhere...?
Practise makes Perfect
Bonding with Talking Teddy (who appears to have short circited and thinks his foot is his hand. No Teddy, no)
"Higher, mama, higher!"

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