Saturday, May 26

Miracles do happen

Saturday 26th May, 2012

Wriggles' food diary
age 20 and a little bit months (17 and a bit corrected)

200ml Paediasure Peptide milk (high calorie formula milk that has been partially broken down to aid absorption)

Graze on small crumbs of biscuit found on the carpet. Buffet is interrupted by Mummy hoovering said crumbs up. Lord knows where they came from/how long they have been there

What are these delicious items?! About five Organix Tomato Slices (wheel shaped puffed corn type items. Mercifully containing no salt, unlike the beloved Quavers Wriggles has lived on for the past two weeks)

[ferrets in my handbag and thrusts yoghurt pot at me] "Mother, this here I believe is a yogurt and this is a spoon. Feed me!!"
Just over three quarters of an Alpro soya yoghurt, toffee flavoured

[mime] "What is that, mother?"
"My sandwich. Yum yum yum."
"Errrr you can have A BIT. I need some lunch!"
Chews a corner of malted bread: first time she has consented to trying to eat bread!
One cheese and onion crisp (Scottish Grandma's lunch)
Half a ready salted crisp (Mummy's lunch)
Several more Organix snack thingies

Stop trying to sneak food past me. I can see you have opened the chocolate rice cakes. Give!
A nibble of rice cake. Does not pass the taste test.
Another chew of becoming-stale corner of Mummy's sandwich

The end of a cardboard kitchen roll tube

160ml Paediasure Peptide with some chilled water as it is Very Hot

125ml Paediasure Peptide mixed with 25ml chilled water

Polish off remainder of Organix Tomato Slices bag and nibble on fingers

Two thirds of Alpro vanilla soya yoghurt with a about a quarter of Plum Apple and Raspberry stage one puree pouch whilst waiting for the metro back home

Few more spoonfuls of soya dessert and fruit with intermittent grazing of bit of sponge finger located under the bookshelf. (Note to self: must tidy up more often)

Chew fridge magnet.
Swiftly have fridge magnet removed.
Return to increasingly soggy sponge finger

150ml Paediasure Peptide

Gag on bottle and projectile vomit across collection of toys, sofa and carpet.
Looks suspiciously like entire teatime contents from 17:00 onwards*

125ml Paediasure Peptide as nightcap (and to replace the vast majority of dinner and previous attempted nightcap)

Ignoring the gag-induced vomiting, this is the most Wriggles has eaten for bloody ages.
It is also probably the healthiest she has eaten for bloody ages.
(Alright, it might not read very healthily, but largely she lives on a) high calorie milk which usually makes up around 90%+ of her daily nutritional intake b) Quavers-the curse of Speech and Language's suggestions c) occasional crumbs of biscuit, and not always sugar-free baby-friendly guilt-free ones at that)
It is certainly the most adventurous. She tried at least two new things. In one day.
Does this mean that my own meals are no longer sacred?!

*people always say airily of vomit "oh it's never as much as it looks!". However, Wriggles is very good at disproving this theory. On previous admissions, nurses have done double takes at the enormous pools of yuck on the floor and frequently have been known to exclaim mildly unprofessionally "Christ almighty, was that just in one sitting?" and her notes generally read 'vomit: MASSIVE +++'. She appears to have a pretty sluggish digestive system too and can quite easily soak a large adult bath towel. She has also previously (accidentally I sincerely hope) aimed into receptacles such as a mug and bowl. Classy.


  1. That is fantastic eating, well done wriggles. It is so frustrating when they eat so well then vomit it back up. It's the waste of calories rather than the mess I think of first.
    Gemma is 2 and had NG tube until recently. Now eating a lot better but also on fortini nutritionally complete milk.
    Days like this are fab, well done to you both.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the calories/mess. I don't mind the cleaning up one bit (alright; not mind that much), it's just heartbreaking when you see all that hard work and victory come back up complete with tears and knowing that the next day, they are going to be that bit more wary again. It's like a nasty food-based snakes and ladders!
      Thank goodness for nutritionally complete milk :) glad Gemma is doing much better x