Thursday, May 24


Sometimes I wonder how being a mother has changed me day to day. Occasionally I think maybe it hasn't. Obviously I am one, but am I that different? I have always erred on the bumbling and scatty but am I mum-type-bumbling? At work today, my fellow mum-colleague came in and fished in her handbag for a pen. She pulled out several snapped crayons with a puzzled expression and rolled her eyes. I thought about my own attempts to find anything in my bag and there found my answer.

In my handbag this morning I found:
  • my wallet (chewed)
  • my mobile
  • my keys
  • my spare keys in case I lost my keys
  • my camera
  • one either spare or dud battery-must check later
  • antibacterial hand gel
  • miniature bottle of Burt's Bees lotion
  • lipbalm covered in fluff
  • assorted crumbs
  • crushed packet of Quavers containing approximately two Quavers left
  • packet of paracetomal
  • Passport; presumably in case it all gets a bit too much
  • biro
  • spare biro
  • spare spare biro (yet can never find a biro at time of need)
  • six stacking cups, mercifully still stacked
  • one shaky egg
  • one board book, cunningly concealed
  • a half chewed arm of gingerbread person (chewed by Wriggles, not me)
  • hairband
  • assortment of expired bus and metro tickets and receipts
  • squashed mini packet of wipes
  • collection of bangles to distract Wriggles from swiping my keys and spare keys
  • dog-eared leaflets I cannot recall picking up
  • my friend's address scribbled on the back of a Pizza Express menu
  • pair of tiny socks (kicked off by Wriggles)
  • Sudocream
  • Small bottle of factor 50 sun cream
  • sweet wrappers (alas no sweets)
  • unposted birthday card for uncle
  • exceptionally tatty coffee shop loyalty card
At least rattly frog didn't make it in this time...


  1. Ha ha.. This cracked me up.. Reminded me very much of my own bag..particularly embarrassing when smidge empties it over the library floor!

  2. I don't even have a handbag anymore! :0( The nappy bag is my handbag! :0( Oh dear! ;0)