Thursday, September 6


Today was a Bad Day. Nothing drastic, preemie or feeding related for once, just for being a toddler. I remember reading somewhere a description of the "lovable appallingness" that is toddlers, which today was spot on but missing a little bit of the lovability. Wriggles had a horrifically tantrum filled day. She has started to have some, notably on hearing the word "no", but today was of epic proportions. I think there was a maximum of half an hour, often far less between tantrums. Nearly every one ended with her pinching me which invariably made things worse.

They were about:
  •  I wanted to change her nappy
  • I needed to button up her shirt
  • The lid of the felt tip pen wouldn't come off quickly enough
  • It wasn't the colour she wanted
  • SHE wanted to colour in the hedgehog picture, despite having given me the pen and picture and having crawled off with Christmas Hedgehog
  • The cardboard box I keep felt tips in wouldn't close
  • The cardboard box I keep felt tips in then did close
  • I wouldn't let her sabotage my radio
  • I couldn't guess first time which book she wanted by a vague point at the bookshelf
  • She wanted her ride-on and it wasn't right there but halfway across a small room
  • I was too close
  • I was too far away
  • I wanted to join in her game
  • I was busy doing something else
  • I told her off for pinching me
  • Mouse was still in the cot, not the living room
  • She got bored of The Gruffalo halfway through
  • I wanted to put her socks on
  • She wouldn't get off a chair
  • The physio wanted her to put her shoes on
  • She wanted to climb on the windowsill
  • She still wanted to climb on the windowsill
  • She really wanted to climb on the windowsill
  • I needed to go and get some groceries (and have a breath of fresh air from the flat)
  • The magazine didn't tear up easily
  • She couldn't launch herself head first off the sofa
  • She got told off for pinching
  • She wanted to watch Driver Dan's Storytrain sat on her ride-on, not the floor
  • Her favourite book wasn't where she wanted it to be
  • I wouldn't let her stab herself in the eye with my fork
  • She poked herself in the eye with a breadstick
  • I wanted to put her pyjamas on

And on that note, I am making a very strongly caffeinated beverage and possibly digging for the bottle of rum gathering dust. I have eaten a lump of cheese and may emigrate in the middle of the night leaving Christmas Hedgehog and his younger toy hedgehog friend Noodle in charge. If you would like to arrange a child swap of a gentle and well behaved angelic soul, please contact me.


  1. Oh dear! Sounds like a bad day! Thank goodness they go to bed early on days like this! must be the start of the terrible twos!

  2. Woah you must be exhausted! I usually look at your posts and photos and look forward to Skittle being a toddler and painting on the kitchen floor and going out to parks but I must confess today I read and thought, oh thank goodness he's still a baby! Hope you have a restful night after all that! x

  3. whoa my days, does this sound familiar! Some days, you can honestly do NOTHING right, can you? It's so frustrating and exhausting, but they do grow out of it... (i hope!) xx

  4. I promise I'm not laughing.....ok well maybe just a little bit..... :-)