Wednesday, September 12

Last day of being 1

Errr mum, I don't want my face painted at the Sure Start Fun Day. Will you get it done instead? grumble grumble

Bunting made with a photograph of Wriggles at a month older on each triangle, all the way up to 2 around the room!

Can you get an "I am 2" t-shirt for Very Small People? No you cannot. Digging out my old sewing skills (I knew that art degree was useful for something!) and putting some sequins on a 6-9 month old t-shirt. If that is refluxed on tomorrow first thing there is trouble...

Last few hours of being only one.


  1. sooooo exciting! gorgeous're so creative the tshirt is amazing and i love photo bunting! hope you have a great day! xxx

  2. You both look great and very happy. Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  3. Oh my goodness I loooove that birthday bunting! - Idea stolen (you artist types must be used to this) Love that t-shirt too, might be able to manage a glue on version when the time comes. - Hope wriggles has the best ever day!

  4. How lovely!!! Happy Birthday Wriggles!!! Hope you all have a lovely day!!! x