Monday, September 17

Sneaky Biscuit

Both Wriggles and I have the pre-winter lurgy so am feeling distinctively lacking in energy to write proper. However, I offer a sneaky hidden vegetable recipe I have adapted in the hope my offspring moves on from Quavers, which are rapidly becoming less of an interest.

Sneaky Vegetable Cheesey Biscuits

100g cheese, grated
100g plain flour
100g butter or margarine
Some vegetable of your choosing. I have so far experimented with carrot and courgettes

1. Sift flour, grate cheese and lob fat of choice in a bowl. 
2. Select sneaky vegetable of choice and grate/chop finely. I have used about the length of my little finger as a guide and then estimated wildly looking at the results. It's up to you.
3. MIX. I don't know any technical cooking terms thought I imagine "knead" is appropriate
4. Flour clean surface and rolling pin; roll out mixture
5. Cut desired shapes. We choose stars as that is Wriggles' favourite word
6. Put oven on. I think it was 170c...
7. Cook until undersides are browning and biscuits are more springy than wibbly. I'm afraid I cannot remember times but 15-20 minutes sounds about right. Prod with finger and use oven gloves to see.
8. EAT (when cooled of course)

Result: I have eaten approximately 100 (it feels like) and Wriggles has chewed a corner of one, which for her is practically a three course meal. Hooray!



  1. Oooh,sounds good. I made courgette scones and cakes with veg in,using gemmas high calorie milk. They went down like a lead balloon so gave up,might try again as she is eating better now!
    It is hard to keep trying these things for them to be refused so well done wriggkes for nibbling.
    Gemma is loving corn on the cob so really happy with that,will probably sicken her of it!
    Sam x