Sunday, September 16

Snuffles but no Cake

Snuffle snuffle snuffle...

...goes my daughter in the room next door. I say next door, I am actually sitting typing very quietly outside her bedroom door so I can hear her breathe (I'm not mad, honest. She's only just come out of hospital from being ill again. Guv). Today was supposed to be a little birthday party. Nothing special, nothing huge. Just a little something with some close friends including some baby friends that we have made, to my pleasant surprise in the last year. Just something to celebrate how far she has come. How great she is. Instead, this morning I have had to cancel as the runny nose of the last few days has got worse and acquired a temperature that stubbornly defies Calpol in the face and a slight increase of work breathing as she is clearly incredibly bunged up in her airways. I've been alternating the inhalers and Calpol and trying to get her to rest, and it is clear she is feeling sorry for herself although not enough to stop climbing on chairs. I have also made sure I know where the numbers of NHS Direct, the out of hours GP and the hospital ward we have open-access are. Just in case, you know?

I too have The Cold, so we are both a little grumpy and have been seen in better condition. It has been hanging around since Thursday and frankly, can leave as quickly as it came. I really wish I could just write it off as a cold, top up my Lemsip with some whisky or similar and reap the joys of CBeebies on repeat but there is that horrible niggle at the  front  back of my head saying what if it isn't a cold? What if you end up back in hospital? Is she panting a bit? Have you got your bags packed? I so want to put it down to being an "anxious mum" and think yep, shit happens, birthday teas get cancelled and birthday girls get ill but I can't scrap that fear, because let's face it, I don't think we have done "just" a cold yet.

On a cheerier note: 

Exploring Birthday Present Avenue
Day out at Blue Reef Aquarium
Obligatory cake, most definitely not homemade


  1. Sorry you had to cancel and sorry you are both unwell! Hope you feel better soon!!! You could always have another celebration when you both feel better. I will bake you a cake! x

  2. Oh bugger. What about the bloody bunting FFS? I am sooo gutted and I wasn't even invited. :(
    It must be a terrible throw to have this illness put on you at the last minute but you totally did the right thing in cancelling. Nobody thinks your insane by the way. On the contrary to someone like me you are very sane sounding indeed. Wait.. I should stop, I was meant to be making you feel better... .
    On a more serious note, stay strong and remember, you are the expert on wriggles and have never failed to get her the help she needed before when she needed it. You are so good at checking for breathing problems,( I'd even let you look after my smidge if she had a cold,) which is really saying something as I have never even left her with her own granny, even on a healthy day!