Friday, September 21

Fairy Wings

Important discovery: toddlers hell bent on destruction are much easier to forgive when wearing new fairy wings. Despite being recently poorly, Wriggles has been firm in her objective to create mess wherever she goes and has been doing a pretty good job.

Emptying the cupboards whilst I am filling up the kettle:

Aim: To quickly empty as many contents of the sideboard as humanely possible in the 10 seconds it takes for Parent to fill up a kettle. Project to be resumed once kettle is boiled and it being poured.

Fairy wing forgiveness rating: 8/10 
Pretty good recovery of temper on maternal side. Fairy wings keep small child from crawling in said cupboard as the shape is too awkward to fit beyond the doors, a definite plus. Score may be skewed by the fact that the cupboard really needs sorting, thus everything is just jammed inside anyway out of sight for visitors, and so is not nearly as irritating as emptying say, the bookshelf.

The Bad Laundry Fairy:

Aim: To "help" empty the washing machine, preferably flinging clean clothes onto the floor, making off with some, and mixing back up with dirty washing. Any spillages must be zoomed in on to drag clean clothes through.

Fairy Wing forgiveness rating: 6/10 
A pleasing result. Fairy wings give the mess a comic edge, although having to wash some washing for the third time in notably annoying. Deduct points for every time infant-in-wings is removed but instantly returns to the scene of the crime.

Stay tuned for more toddler escapades....unless my child is suddenly replaced by an angel sent from mess-free heaven completely immune to tantrums....


  1. Love the way her wings co-ordinate with her outfit. That's one chic fairy. Shame she can't magic it all tidy again afterwards.

  2. I feel your pain Amy! No sooner have I picked up after Smidge and something else is being torn out of a random location.I did initially teach her to 'put things back', but then she'd tear it out, put it back and applaud herself.. the result? Two confused people!