Tuesday, February 7


Dear Wriggles,

I am very proud of you that you are desperately trying to crawl. However. The bath is neither the time nor place for it.
Do you know how slippy a wet baby is?
Very slippy is the answer.
I am also equally proud of your new skill of hauling yourself onto your knees to reach for something, or should I say, just about everything in your sight and everything I thought I had hidden out of your sight (foiled again).
However, like crawling, in a bath is not really the correct place to perfect this.
I am so glad that going to hydrotherapy has given you the confidence in water and that your inquisitive mind is brimming with possibilities, but I assure you that dry land is equally exciting.
I don't know who is the wettest, but I do know who was in the bath. And it wasn't me.
I love that you are such a brave girl when it comes to getting bumps and bruises that you just don't care and will pick yourself up time and time again. It is just a shame that you are quite keen on throwing yourself backwards and onto the side of the bath and trying to climb out of the bath, giving you what I'm pretty sure is the beginnings of a large bruise on your cheek.
What happened to my little baby?
In short, errm, could you please be slightly less of a Wrigglebottom at bathtime?

Lots of love,

One Soggy Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Sadly they wriggle more in the bath the older they get, they don't seem to get any more sturdy either! Just pre-warning you! Also no matter how far you put something out of reach-babies and toddlers have radar eyesight and will detect even one cm of said object and it becomes their mission to get it again...! x

    1. Rubbish! I think I had better invest in a bath-time cagoul.... Their eyesight really is incredible. And not always in a good way either! EVERY TIME I think I have effectively hidden something and outsmarted my pickle, she outfoxes me. Fail.