Tuesday, February 14


Being a single parent is...

Full of late nights
Absent of lie-ins
Twice the amount of sick and runny noses
Without holidays
Hard work
An emotional struggle
A fight to be heard
A desire to do the best
Twice the work
Twice the rewards
(And a bit more)
An achievement beyond anything esle
Pride in bucketloads
Something I wouldn't change for the world.

I may have listed more negatives than positives, but each positive is worth a million times over a negative. 
Yes it's tough. Yes it can be lonely at times. Yes it really can be a struggle finanically. Yes it is demeaning and degrading to come up against people's preconceptions and judgements. 
But parenting full stop is not purely a barrel of laughs whether you are married, cohabiting, separated, estranged or alone. Parents should be celebrated, especially any who have ever had to struggle, like single parents. We make too many assumptions. Parents should have a hand extended not bitten off. 
What makes it worth it is the satisfaction of bringing up children and getting a cuddle at the end of a day. I know for me, after a tough day, a cuddle and looking into my baby's eyes affirms why I do it. Because I love her beyond anything, pure and simple, and I will walk through fire and ice for her wellbeing.

Head over to Netmums this week where it is Single Parents Week and show your support.


  1. This is a beautiful, honest post. I think you are amazing and your little girl obviously thinks so too and one day will appreciate all that you have done/will continue to do for her.

    1. Thank you very much Misha, you've made me well up a little!