Sunday, February 19


Crack open the bubbly, dust off the best cutlery (wait, I don't have best cutlery. Better give the normal stuff a swizzle under the tap then) and find your silver teapots!


In a week she has nailed crawling, clapping, shouting down a cardboard tube and attempting to copy song actions to 'Wind the Bobbin'.

I know how infernal it is when parents boast of their precious offspring's achievements and how grating it is after a bad day when you are seething having tripped over the millionth Mega-Blok but look, I am allowed a little smug moment. Alright, quite a large smug moment.

All milestones are precious and although having only had one child, I cannot say for parents of "straightforward" children, but it means so much. It's one little less thing on my mind. Having a premature baby, or one that is sick or different for want of a better word gives things a new perspective both for their lives and your expectations. It is not to say that parents of such children love them more or have a better appreciation than parents without this experience, but I do think they have an acute awareness of each little thing. We have been inundated with medical and developmental knowledge, far beyond the literature that is normally given to parents. We have seen struggle. We have had days when we have to contemplate that we might not see our children crawl; not because they can't but because they might not be there. We also might have to come to terms with the fact some of their abilities may be impaired, so every little thing is a joy.

The amount that Wriggles has suddenly come on makes my heart swell to bursting point. Whatever she can or can't do I will love her the same of course, but to see her fighting spirit is incredible. To think that at the beginning I was given no guarantees on her future health or abilities and that she has come through and defied two cardiac arrests, numerous admissions to hospital with serious breathing difficulties and kicked an oxygen habit makes me so proud. It is a solid piece of hope that although a little slowly, her development is getting there and that she will get what she wants.

So my beautiful girl, at 17 months and 4 days actual, 14 months corrected, is on the move.

Pass the safety-locks.......


  1. Yay, congratulations!! I am so happy for you! Go wriggles!! It looks so cute when they first crawl doesn't it!? Now she's free to explore hooray!! ;-) xx

    1. So cute! Wriggles has gone for the "bunny hop" method. I keep seeing a cheeky face appear round the corners of things. Lovely!