Friday, February 3

Brrrrr winter time

Brrr the cold snap is drawing in and I have left my gloves at the office. Silly mummy. Just before winter sets in, I get all excited and start eagerly unearthing woolly knitted items, thermals, slippers and hats from the depths of my wardrobe and Wriggles'. This is her second winter, but feels like her first as last year she was newly-home and teeny tiny, so we stayed in most of the time as she was on oxygen and it was snowing.

So this winter was full of jumpers and fleeces and still-small gloves. The latter did not last long. Wriggles is at the throwing everything stage and I have lost count of how many gloves we have lost over the side of the pushchair. Ditto hats; she will not tolerate things on her head and flings these gleefully into the road.

She does however tolerate her penguin slippers, our favourite winter accessory. These were bought from Next in December and have barely left her feet since. You can tell. They are clearly scruffy, bobbly and grubby: the marks of a well loved item! When not wearing them she will happily throw them about and share at the faces. 

For more diminutive adorable small-people winter accessories, head over to pretty.little.things this week hosted at Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes Three.
Showing the penguins off with Great Grandparents


  1. Oh my goodness, those are adorable.
    I want a pair of penguin slippers myself now. Gorgeous.
    Thanks for linking up.

  2. So cute they are. I wish my children was little again so I can get them some:) have a great weekend:)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my post about the website-thats an excellent piece of advice! As for the hats and gloves-my son wont stand anything on his head either...I cheat. I buy hats which tie up under the chin so he cant take them off! Now when I put it on, he doesn't even try and take it off because he knows he can't! HAHA! *Evil mummy cackle* I'm also your newest follower! x

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous, I wouldn't mind a pair myself. I think they might be my favourite accessory so far! I bet they keep her feet toasty warm! x