Tuesday, February 14

Inspired: Room for a Wriggles

This weekend, I've been having a super clear and sort out of the flat. Until now, I have shacked up with Wriggles in her bedroom. When we first moved, she was only just 5 months corrected and had just had a major infection, so I slept in the same room to adhere to SIDS advice and for my peace of mind. As she was frequently ill, I stayed and by the time we emerged into the healthier period we are in now, with the worst behind us, I have stayed out of convenience. One of the most annoying things about being a singleton is that you need to wait for kindly friends to pop over to give a hand with moving heavy furniture or DIY jobs!

But. Moving time is here. We both now have our own bedrooms and to celebrate, I would like to jazz the neutral walls up a touch (neutral is an understatement. They are generic cheap-as-chips magnolia with sandpapery cheap sludge colour carpet, as can be found in most inexpensively kitted out places by landlords trying to cut corners!) and give our rooms some personality. I love the Inspired linky that Dear Beautiful Boy has been running, so joining in, here are some of the items that I am coveting and drawing inspiration from to give Wriggles a room fit for a queen.

I love this bold tree print; it is a fabric from Swedish favourites Ikea. Not only is it affordable at £4.99 a metre but it is thicker than many cottons, so I have been thinking about attempting to whizz up some curtains. Note; "attempting" is key here. In theory, I know how to run up curtains having watched Kirsty Allsopp's 'Handmade Home' programme and internet tutorials, how I would actually fare is another matter. Oh and that time thing to. But I would like to!
The room has a short but very wide window so any curtain will be quite a feature. I do not want a super girly room brimming  over with fairies and pink, so would like to keep with more green and blue palette.

And while I'm looking at birds, I have utterly fallen in love with this owl in a teacup print by illustrator Heather Scott. Heather sells on Etsy and Folksy under Sparklehen. Her prints are vibrant and whimsical and I already have several bought over time. The teacup reminds me slightly of Alice in Wonderland, and the colours are perfect. Who wouldn't want to share a tea party with a stray owl?! Loons. And it's not strictly a room accessory but I'm sure Wriggles could make room for this crochet owl in her cot!

 Being in a rented flat, it is too much faff to start painting and wallpapering, so these new-fangled wall stickers sound a good plan of transforming a wall and adding some colour. Keeping with an emerging woodland vibe, I saw these designs on Not On The Highstreet which caught my eye.

Whilst I was also browsing there, I saw this rabbit lamp by Little Ella James. Wriggles is not scared of the dark and has rarely slept in anything lighter than pitch black, so for the moment I doubt a nightlight would be needed, but it is so sweet. Maybe I could "borrow" it for the time being! I saw these fabric Love Birds which look adorable perched on a branch (surely attaching a branch to a wall must be easy?)

So all I need to do now is win the lottery and channel my inner Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. Easy! Hop over to Lucy's blog and see what anyone else has been looking at this week.

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