Monday, June 11

Then and Now

I miss looking into your screwed up squished "term" face, seeing glimpses of features yet to come.

I miss your snorting and snuffling through the night: you sounded exactly like a hungry hedgehog in the undergrowth!

I miss being able to be still with you; just watching and waiting for nothing.

I miss your napping, curled up on my chest. Now if you consent or are allowed to sleep on me, you are more lolloping starfish than a little dormouse.

I miss your whole tiny hand being still almost too small to hold just one of my fingers-and I have tiny hands myself.

I miss, in a wierd way, you grabbing my hair and getting tangled up in it. Things I thought I would never say.

I miss putting you down in one place and knowing you will still be there, albeit a bit lopsided in two minutes time!

I miss at least two naps a day.

I miss that utter dependence on me.


I love it when I carry you around, and you cling on tightly with your fists and wrap your arms around me like a bushbaby.

I love that you have such a personality and a huge range of expressive faces. Even your stuck out bottom lip cracks me up.

I love that you give cuddles back. When you reach out it is The Best. Thing. Ever.

I love it when you try to pull yourself up by pulling on my trouser legs.

I love it when you "bring" me a toy (normally thrusting it up my nose) you want to play with, or better still, want me to play with with you.

I love it when you copy things and do actions. You are so sweet when you hit yourself on the head with a hairbrush ('brushing your hair').

I love seeing you get excited: bet it about the swings, a train, Mr Tumble or coming home after a long day.

I LOVE it when you blow kisses.

I love it when you curl your fingers around mine.

I love that your understanding is growing each day.

I love that you are such a daredevil and scared of nothing (except possibly eating and our friend Leila's hippo torch).

I love it when you are with other little children and I can see you trying to work them out. And then trampling on them-must sort that last bit out.