Saturday, March 17

Happy happy happy

So far I am having a really really lovely day (apart from being at the point where I have almost lost my voice due to a sore throat and the Cold of Doom that is doing the rounds). This morning, after a leisurely getting ready, Wriggles and myself went down to the Tiny Lives Nearly New Sale which is in support of our local Special Care unit where Wriggles spent the first two months of her life. Recently I have started helping out with them, taking care of some of the online publicity and it is so rewarding to see the amount of people that turn up and to be part of something that means so much. Marina, who set the sales up is both lovely and inspirational with the amount of work she puts in every time to pull them off. Hopefully after today, they will have manged to have the funds tipping over the £10,000 mark. I managed to pick up some books, a jolly fleece and a hands and foot casting kit to capture my baby's imprints before she well and truly grows up.
What was really special though was seeing one of the neonatal nurses who spent a lot of time looking after Wriggles and also after me. It was really quite emotional and she was clearly delighted to see Wriggles and how she had grown and how robust she looks now. She was explaining to her friend about Wriggles and that she had been very, very sick. Interestingly I have mainly now blocked this out in the main, so it is always a surprise when someone medical mentions it and remarks on how sick she was as a newborn neonate. Our nurse was so obviously made up to see how her patient had flourished and I loved it as it felt that although we only see her intermittently in passing at Tiny Lives events, she is one of those people I will always hold dear as she was with me during some very difficult weeks and stuck by me and fought my and my daughter's corner when I flagged. It almost feels like a secret group when you are with people that experienced such times with you, or have similar experiences of their own.

After a minor meltdown on Wriggles behalf due to the fact she hates being in the buggy for more than about 10 minutes, we went off to the park for a rewarding swing. The sun was shining and it was beautifully mild. I spent a happy time pushing Wriggles back and forwards who was delighted with the fun and agog at all the other children. She was grinning for England as the breeze flew through her hair. As it was so nice, we stayed in the park for a picnic lunch. Wriggles amazed me by wolfing down some fruit custard and then being quite content to graze on some Quavers and dirt. She happily inspected the grass and some twigs and somehow ate quite a large amount of lunch! This in itself would have made the day excellent. To make matters better, someone from the bakery was walking round handing out free cupcakes. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

Now, I have just sat down and opened a parcel containing some narcissi 'from Wriggles with help from Grandma and Granfer xx'. All I need is Mr Darcy to come in with his wet shirt now and my day is done....


  1. Sounds like a perfect day (except for the Mr Darcy disappointment but you can't have everything).

  2. What a lovely post, glad u had a good day :)