Monday, March 4

Nice Things Of Recent

Playing at the seaside beach at Whitley Bay
 photo DSCN8273_zps5c88f549.jpg

A real steam train and playing with wooden trains at the Stephenson Railway Musuem
 photo DSCN8298_zps9d5544af.jpg photo DSCN8311_zpsc72753f4.jpg

  Taking a walk in Jesmond Dene
 photo DSCN8382_zps1023faae.jpg photo DSCN8368_zps854c4a17.jpg
 photo walking_zps7c9f1d6d.jpg

More steps at the Sunderland Winter Gardens
 photo DSCN8391_zps81a50c94.jpg photo DSCN8401_zpsa187c6a2.jpg

 Our local gallery for an erm, culture vibe. At the Laing Art Gallery
 photo DSCN8463_zps2fd92c9f.jpg
 photo DSCN8442_zpsb7d325ac.jpg

Fish! At Blue Reef Aquarium
 photo DSCN8553_zpsb2e213b6.jpg photo DSCN8539_zps096d6015.jpg

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  1. Wow, looks like you have been having a great time! Love the stair bumping! x