Sunday, March 24

Brrrrroom brrrooooom

As we are preparing to move house, I have been ever so slightly getting cold feet about moving my toddler. Although this is not the first flat we have lived in (and lord knows we have spent enough time in hospital), this is the one she has done most of her growing up in and the one she remembers. The one she learnt to sit in, pull up to stand, climb up the sofa and hide in cupboards. She can say "home" and signs it regularly, and when we walk up the road towards the bright orange new-build blocks we currently live in, she arms flaps with excitement. It is not perfect by any means (most specifically the ever increasing crime rate and resident police van in the car park!) but in our little 4 walls, we are happy. It is a happy home. It is my sanctuary where I can relax and feel safe. I have been very firm so far with myself packing to push the emotions to one side trying to focus on the good bits of moving and new opportunities, but I will miss the building we made a home for two years. 

Besides which, it has got a just-the-right-height window sill to play cars on!

 photo DSCN8843_zps4c9ec64b.jpg
 photo DSCN8837_zpsc54bf87a.jpg
 photo DSCN8850_zpsdf6d9522.jpg

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  1. Aww, perfectly understandable - and that is a pretty perfect window sill!

    They say that this is an age at which they are most adaptable, so I hope that it goes well and there aren't too many tears. xx