Tuesday, March 12

Mothers Day actual

After a hard week re-living unpleasant memories, I'll be honest, Mothers Day wasn't high on my list of things to look forward too. We wouldn't be with my own mother so it felt a bit of a non-event for me. Without a partner to "help" my daughter make a card or express a glitter-splattered creation, it felt a little flat on my behalf. As so many times, the grandparents came to the rescue. Funny how a little card can make all the difference. It gave me a much needed bit of strength to pull myself up and focus on the person who made me a mother.

As it was snowing, the options were indoors only. In the end, I decided that we would jump on a metro to the Sage where a free lunchtime performance was promised. Sadly, this didn't actually materialise but we still had a really nice afternoon. By the time we got there, we had some lunch (Wriggles even had a crumb of bread as well as some Quavers; there was my gift right there!) which was delicious and then to Wriggles' true love: the stairs.

 photo DSCN8590_zpsda0d2bb6.jpg

We only recently re-discovered the Sage. Pre-child I knew it quite well and have been to many concerts there as well as admiring the river view and impressive-yet-bonkers architecture. Apart from attending an event, I had no idea of there being anything child friendly about it. It turns out there is a fantastic under 5s music group every day of the week with a little area on the concourse with a table, chairs and some toys and books. However, these pale into comparison for my toddler with the many staircases. I have no idea what the pull of stairs are for her, but I do admit to shamelessly indulging it as it is brilliant physio for her and brings such a smile!

 photo DSCN8620_zps7b0892dc.jpg
 photo DSCN8607_zps22046ed4.jpg
 photo DSCN8614_zps3a412b79.jpg

I spoke to my own wonderful mum in the afternoon, which put a good end to the day. Her voice still grounds me and makes me smile, and without her devotion to us and unwavering support I wouldn't be able to be half the mother I am today. Wriggles adores her too, unsurprisingly, and it makes my heart smile to see them together. And hopefully it won't be too long before we get that again!


  1. Wow look how long wriggle's hair is :)

    Gem loves stairs too! She seeks them out everywhere we go,not sure if because we stay in a ground floor flat?


    1. I wondered the same, as we are also in a level flat with no stais! Silly girls x

  2. Glad your day turned into a lovely one! x x x

  3. It looks like you had lots of fun xxx