Friday, November 16

10 dreams I had in NICU

 1. Reaching milestones (albeit in own time!)

2. Hairstyles. Putting pig-tails in fills me with a glee I didn't think posssible.

3. Having the sun warm my baby's face.

4. Getting up to mischief. The notion of having a monkey cheeky enough to tell off never crossed my mind, seemingly the ultimate in growing up.

5. Discovering joys like swings. Wriggles' best thing ever.

6. Having my baby make me laugh.

 7. Playing tea parties, my favouite childhood game.

8. Messy afternoons and masterpieces. Proud doesn't cover it. Incidently, some washable paint does not wash out of jeans or off fridge doors!

9. Dressing my baby in anything I wanted.

10. Christmas. Christmases plural. Say no more.