Thursday, February 7

Alternative Physio

Between every week to two weeks, we have physio through the NHS for Wriggles' cerebral palsy. We also have a rough program to follow in between times, focusing on leg stretches and some work on the pelvis and core. As well as this traditional physio, I am lucky that despite not being able to walk on her own, Wriggles has cruising skills and loves a sense of danger....making the playground an excellent work out! When the weather is permitting we go often, and it really does help as there is also an incentive for her to do things.

 photo Play_zpsc2f80021.jpg
One of the great things about the climbing frame is that it gives her the ability to help walk forwards holding on either side. This is definitely one of her weaker areas as her core is wibbly wobbly. If she could side-step and cruise to get around, she would. Actually, if she could crawl she would but she is slowly figuring out that crawling on ice, snow or mud is not as easy as trying to walk. When going forwards with her hands either side on the bars, she tires easily and walks much slower; you can see the poor sausage working hard! She is now a dab hand at her beloved stairs and pulling herself up, although during the latter her legs often get confused and bend awkwardly. Her balance and spatial awareness also get a good work out and the swings help her sitting which of recent has been a bit more unpredictable as a growth spurt has confused her hamstring muscles which impacted on her posture. 

And above all, the playground is wonderfully enjoyable and doesn't feel like a chore at all! Even if people assume she is far younger, we don't get as many second glances as I hobble around holding her up, or if we do we're having too much fun to notice.


  1. Ha! Walking or no walking she sure gets about!love the way she just gets on with it!!

  2. She's an absolute sweetheart - working so hard to keep going!