Tuesday, August 14



I am back home with my mama and toy hedeghogs after our holiday in hospital. It was really scary but then was really good as everyone made a fuss of me and kept letting me thieve their keyrings and phones. I still have a wiggly worm up my nose which I really don't like at all and is scary when people have to put it back in. I don't like it so I hide in my mum.

Thank you Skittle for your excellent taste in books and Smidge for your superb teapot-I cannot wait to play tea parties! And to everyone for praying for me and thinking of me and wishing me well when I was really poorly and on another planet entirely. Thank you so much (my mama made me write that last bit)

Much love,

Wriggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. *no worries* - what's the odd teapot amongst preemie friends! :D

  2. She really is a beautiful little girl.

  3. You are very brave Wriggles! You are a superstar! x

  4. Dear Wriggles, me and mummy were sad to hear that you were so poorly. I know you like books so I chose you some new ones. Your pictures are lovely but I think the nurses should have given you a special teddy sticker for your wiggly worm like I had. Hope you have a lovely week playing at home and that you and mummy mouse get lots of rest. Love from Skittle xxx

  5. Oh Wriggles it's so good to hear from you lovely girl.

    And the photos you and Mummy have posted are so cute. You most certainly are rocking that wiggly worm.

    Littlebit sends cuddles :)

    Lots of love


  6. Oh welcome home Wriggles! You've been such a brave little girl! Loving the photos you and mummy have been taking xxx

  7. Welcome home Wriggles! I'm so glad to see you're feeling better and even if you have a wriggly worm in your nose, I hope it helps you to keep getting stronger!

  8. Hey Wriggles, good to see you're home. Hope you and your mum are taking good care of each other. You are absolutely gorgeous!