Sunday, September 25

How daunting, this feels like introducing yourself to a new friend or partner! It seemed such a good idea jovially setting this blog idea up...

I was inspired to start blogging after a hazy year following the surprise premature birth of my daughter and a rather up and down year that followed it. Having read some uplifting blogs from other parents it struck me how isolated it can feel until you access information and have the eureka moment that you are not alone. Unless you are lucky to be blessed with a group of friends who all uniquely understand each problem you face, it can sometimes feel quite lonely even amongst stellar company. Even if not one sausage reads a word I write, recording things down is excellent for sorting out my muddled head. I sometimes have the sensation when meeting new people of listing nearly everything but the kitchen sink equivalent of potential trashy novel plotlines!
Not only was the birth very premature it was utterly unexpected. It resulted in a several month stint in NICU/SCBU and weeks dealing with shock for myself. We came home on oxygen and a hermit order slapped on us until she was six months old at which point she promptly came down with pneumonia and ended up in a critical state in PICU. Since then we have become regulars at the paediatric wing of the Royal Victoria Infirmary, not yet managing over six weeks without an emergency admission. Added to this I am a single parent with my nearest close relative 200 miles away; good map reading skills there, me! Baby has no serious problems but does have some developemental delay and quirks which take some explaining to parents who have wonderfully Pampers advert-esque children. I am so aware things could have been a thousand times more complicated; so apologies if anything comes out terribly "woe is me".

On the flipside to this, amongst the truly terrifying moments and breath holding, I did not know the intensity of love until I had my little girl. She has transformed my life and that of family and friends. She really is the happiest, chirpiest little soul and perfection itself (along with every other child in their parents eyes!) and brings unimaginable delight to me. Our journey has made me actuely grateful for what I have and the miracle of life.


  1. Welcome, welcome to the blogosphere.

    How have I not come across you before now?

    Just read through all of your posts. Brilliant read.

    When was Wriggles born? I think our two must have similar birth dates. Littlebit was born at 30 weeks on 23/9/2010.

    Mummypinkwellies x

    1. Hello! Thanks for the welcome-I'm a rubbishly disorganised blogger who is only just working out how to do things beyond publishing posts and reading other peoples-commenting and following are big skills for me. Wriggles was born at 27+6 on 13/09/2010 so very similar indeed. Her due date was 07/12/10-if only!
      Littlebit looks absolutely gorgeous from the photos on your blog, you must be so proud x

  2. Wow. She's doing amazingly from your pics. What a little star!

    They are only 10 days apart :)

    Keep up the good work and I'm going to add you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind?!

    Mummypinkwellies x